Autobiographical Memory

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Autobiographical Memory contains information you have about yourself.

It includes several domains:

  • “self-description (the source of a large part of your sense of identity), containing information such as:
    -whether or not you like ice-cream
    -what your favorite color is
    -what you think about a political party
  • emotional memory, which not only contains our memories of emotional experiences, but also helps us control our moods. By dwelling on appropriate memories, we can sustain a mood. By recalling memories that involve a contrasting emotion, we can change a mood.
  • event memory” 1

Autobiographical Memories are unique to individuals. “The study of autobiographical memory poses problems, because it is difficult to prove whether the events took place as reported. Using diary methods, researchers have found that people recall actions more accurately than thoughts—except in the case of emotionally charged thoughts, which are particularly well-remembered.” 2

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