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Handout | Dramatic Play World Building Cycle

There is a dramatic play world building cycle that children repeat during their play. As part of this cycle, they create, organize, and explore imaginary worlds based on their personal interests, knowledge, and experience.

Handout | Early Learning Physical Risk Rating Matrix

This free downloadable PDF physical risk rating matrix is intended to help early learning professionals assess the riskiness of play activities or environments in order to create play settings that balance safety and reasonable risk taking. Use this matrix when conducting benefit/risk assessments and other early learning planning.

Handout | Gray’s Conditions Of Play

Here at Playvolution HQ, we think that Peter Gray’s book Free To Learn is one of the best books on play in decades and wish all parents and caregivers would read it. We’re also big fans of Gray’s Nov 19, 2008 post to his Freedom To Learn blog entitled The Value of Play I: The Definition of Play Gives Insights (another everyone-who-spends-time-with-children-should-read item).

Handout | Joan Almon On Play

Play advocate Joan Almon passed away July 14, 2019 after battling cancer. Below you’ll find a handout with her thoughts on play from her book, Adventure: The Value of Risk in Children’s Play. You can learn more about Joan’s work and contributions to the field of early learning here.

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