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A collection of free early learning handouts.

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Handout | Dramatic Play World Building Cycle

Dramatic Play World Building Cycle
There is a dramatic play world building cycle that children repeat during their play. As part of this cycle, they create, organize, and explore imaginary worlds based on their personal ...
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Handout | Mere-Exposure Effect

Mere-Exposure Effect
The Mere-Exposure Effect, also known as the Familiarity Principle, refers to the robust and reliable research finding that individuals tend to develop a preference for things simply based on repeated ...
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Handout | The 6 Classic Simple Machines

6 Classic Simple Machines
A simple machine is a tool used to modify motion and force in order to simplify work. It turns out these 6 classic simple machines are common in the lives ...
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Handout | Hebb’s Law Summary

Handout | Hebb's Law Summary
This free downloadable PDF looks at Hebb's Law: "Neurons that fire together wire together." ...
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Handout | The Iterative Learning Cycle

The Iterative Learning Cycle
This free downloadable PDF highlighting the iterative learning cycle ...
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Handout | 10 Common Early Childhood Schemas

10 Common Early Childhood Schemas
This free downloadable PDF highlights ten common early childhood schemas ...
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Handout | Continuity Of Care

Continuity Of Care
This free downloadable PDF highlights the benefits of continuity of care ...
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