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DIY | Milk Jug Sensory Play Scoops

These do it yourself scoops are super quick and easy to make from milk jugs or similar containers and work well sensory tub play, water play, snow play, and similar activities.

DIY | Kid Friendly Glowing Ice Cubes

If playing with ice cubes is fun, playing with glowing ice cubes is superfun. Here’s how: You’ll Need Vitamin B-50, 2 capsules Plastic bag (maybe)

DIY | Kid Friendly Glow Water

Here’s a real simple process for adding a bit of glow to sensory play. Supplies Vitamin B-50, 2 capsules Plastic Bag (maybe) Wooden Spoon (maybe)

Steve Spangler | Leak-Proof Bag

Here’s a Steve Spangler video demonstrating an experiment that doesn’t seem possible. Can you really stab sticks through a bag of water without any leaks?

DIY | Ice Cube Blocks

Playing with ice cube blocks is fun sensory activity full of learning potential. These blocks are equally fun on a hot summer day or in mid-winter. Here’s a look at some things to consider when making ice cube blocks.

DIY | Ice Cube Glasses and Bowls

I recently noticed the silicone shot glass mold in the freezer. Seeing it there got me to wondering why I had never plopped a bunch of ice shot glasses in front of a group of children to see what kind of play would ensue. Wondering about that got me to wondering about ways to mold bigger glasses, which led to wondering about making ice bowls, which led to a whole week of experimentation, which led to the following DIY instructions.

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