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DIY | Setting Up A Classroom Sawing Station

Using real tools helps kids feel trusted, powerful, and capable. It also helps them develop useful skills, improve small and large muscle strength and control, hone self-regulation skills, and more.

DIY | Hammering Station Ideas

Overview This post looks at three ideas for setting up hammering stations for young children. Before that, let’s take a quick look at why adding

DIY | Ball Peen Hammer And Chisel Work

In this activity, preschool kids get to chip away at bricks and stones with a hammer and chisel. It’ll leave them feeling powerful, trusted, and capable. It also builds hand-eye coordination, visual tracking skills, muscle control, muscle strength, and more.

DIY | Ball Peen Hammer Punch Station

This is our second article looking at ball peen hammer use with young children. In the first, we looked at using the ball peen (the ball shaped side of the hammer) to make dents. This time, we’ll look at using the striking face (the head with the flat surface) and a punch to make holes in steel.

DIY | Ball Peen Hammer Work Station

Kids love using hammers, but the cold hard truth is that many younger children do not have the strength or hand-eye coordination necessary to pound a nail into a hunk of wood. Luckily, not all hammers are meant to pound nails. The Ball Peen Hammer is designed for shaping metal. It’s a great entry level hammer for preschoolers that’ll help them build strength in their shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands as well as hone visual tracking skills, hand-eye coordination, situational awareness, and more.

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