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DIY | Cardboard Ramp Supports

While loose parts like blocks, cardboard boxes, sandbags, and pillows work great for supporting ramps, it can be helpful to have dedicated ramp supports on hand. These cardboard ramp supports are simple, quick, and virtually free to make. Plus, the process of building them is a learning-rich experience for kids as well.

DIY | Slow Cooker Crayon Recycling

Overview Here’s a do it yourself tutorial outlining how to recycle stubby bits of old single-color crayons into chunky multicolored custom crayons using a slow

DIY | Sweet Potato Plant

Overview Here’s a simple and inexpensive DIY project that’ll help interested kids learn about plants, hone observation skills, and practice being a caretaker. I picked

DIY | Boot Planter

Overview These boots were made for walking and they did a lot of it over the years. When their walking days came to an end,

The Artful Parent | Splat Painting

Splat painting is easy peasy and super fun for active kids. This simple action art activity involves hitting paint-soaked cotton balls with a small mallet.

Steve Spangler | Drops on a Penny

Hydrogen bonds and surface tension give water some amazing properties. Learn more with this experiment involving a penny and drops of water from Steve Spangler:

Steve Spangler | Leak-Proof Bag

Here’s a Steve Spangler video demonstrating an experiment that doesn’t seem possible. Can you really stab sticks through a bag of water without any leaks?

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