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DIY | Fabric Covered Books

Creating DIY fabric covered books is an opportunity for children to share their stories, use tools, practice following directions, hone physical skills, and more.

DIY | Sensory Play Ramps

Here are instructions for building a do it yourself sensory play ramp. While our plan was to construct a small stand-alone ramp that’d fit nicely into a sensory play bin, it can also be used outside the bin with small cars, balls, thread spools, and other ramp-friendly toys.

DIY | Oil And Water Droplet Painting

This DIY idea combines a bit of creativity, a bit of sensory play, and a bit of STEM play for an experience kids will enjoy. Plus, it utilizes materials readily available in most early learning settings and cleanup is a cinch.

DIY | Two Ingredient Play Dough

Here’s a simple two ingredient sensory play dough that kids will enjoy making and playing with. If you want to color it, you will need to add a third ingredient, but it’s still pretty easy to mix up quickly and get into the hands of kids.

DIY | Frozen Oobleck

The post takes a look at frozen oobleck. Why freeze oobleck? Why not? It’s yet another opportunity to offer busy little brains and fingers a chance to play, explore, and discover. Frozen oobleck is a solid that changes in texture and consistency as it warms up until it eventually behaves like regular oobleck.


Messing with a batch of oobleck offers both a rich sensory experience and a chance to play around with STEM learning. Because of its unique properties, busy little brains and fingers will be drawn to explore oobleck.

DIY | Penny Cleaning Experiments

We’re going to take a look at some ways to clean pennies that kids can experiment with–not because there’s any great demand for clean pennies, but because it’s a chance to play around with experimentaiton and using the scientific method. Like so much in early learning, the focus here is on the process, not the finished product.

DIY | Extracting Liquid Watercolor From Old Markers

Here at Playvolution HQ, we love do it yourself projects and figuring out ways to utilize trash-bound items. That’s why we love this process for extracting color from dried up markers. Below, we’ll explain two methods for color extraction and show how it can be used as paint and colorant for other DIY projects.

DIY | Sidewalk Chalk

This do it yourself project outlines the process for making your own sidewalk chalk. Buying ready made chalk is easier, but making it offers up lots of learning opportunities.

DIY | Container Blocks

Mindfully collecting items that would otherwise find their way into the trash or recycling bin is a great way to increase your early learning setting’s variety and quantity of blocks. There’s very little doing in this do it yourself project. Mostly you have to drink coffee and much pickles, yogurt, and oatmeal cookies. Here’s a look at some ideas.

DIY | Milk Jug Sensory Play Scoops

These do it yourself scoops are super quick and easy to make from milk jugs or similar containers and work well sensory tub play, water play, snow play, and similar activities.

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