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Sand Foam is something kids will enjoy messing with and the recipe could not be simpler.

You’ll Need:

  • Sand — approximately 3 cups

  • Shaving Foam — approximately 1 can

  • Mixing Container — big enough for mixing approximately 3 cups of sand and a can of shaving foam.

  • Mixing Spoon — or use your hands


  • 1) Place sand in the mixing container.

  • 2) Add shaving foam and mix it into the sand until you’ve reached a consistency you like.

  • 3) PLAY!


  • Play around with the sand to foam ratio
  • Add play props like spoons, bowls, sticks, stones, etc.


Playing with Sand Foam is a chance for children to hone hand-eye coordination skills and small muscle skills. It’s also a chance for their busy brains to learn to process sensory input. Messy play like this helps young children develop their sensorimotor  systems.

Worried about the mess? Check this link for mess management tips.

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