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The post takes a look at frozen oobleck. Why freeze oobleck? Why not? It’s yet another opportunity to offer busy little brains and fingers a chance to play, explore, and discover. Frozen oobleck is a solid that changes in texture and consistency as it warms up until it eventually behaves like regular oobleck.


You’ll need:



The process is about what you’d expect–put oobleck someplace really cold until it freezes.

We mixed up a big batch of oobleck without coloring and then divided it into smaller containers, add color, and froze it. A cookie sheet came in handy for hauling it in and out of the freezer.

Now, all you need to do is share it with kids and let them play. You may want to just pop the frozen hunks of frozen oobleck out of their containers, plop them on a cookie sheet, and let the kids explore.

You could also add frozen oobleck hunks to a water play table filled with cold water, add them to mud play or other sensory experiences, and more.

Or, you could just observe them over the course of a few days as they melt and dry out.

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