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Other DIY projects

DIY | Chalkboard Panels

Overview These DIY chalkboard panels support creativity, self-expression, and the development of early literacy and numeracy skills. They are simple and inexpensive to make, easy

DIY | Classroom Pulley System

The various pulley systems I installed for the kids to play with back in our family child care days were very popular with the kids in our care. Pulling the rope and hoisting a buckets of toys up to the ceiling left kids feeling strong and powerful. It also helped them learn about cause and effect relationships, hone problem solving skills, refine visual tracking skills, build muscle strength and control, and much more.

DIY | Log Planter

Overview This planter requires more time and specialized tools than most DIY projects I’ve shared here at Playvolution HQ, but it’s not complicated. I figured

DIY | Concrete Planter

Overview Here’s a do it yourself project based on my first attempt at making concrete planters. I decided to give this project a try after

DIY | Boot Planter

Overview These boots were made for walking and they did a lot of it over the years. When their walking days came to an end,

DIY | Chalkboard Sign

As a team building exercise during a retreat we hosted here at Explorations Early Learning Intergalactic Headquarters for staff of Butterfly Hills Nature Preschool, I

DIY | Magnet Board Ideas

Magnet boards are fun for kids and useful for adults, so I thought we’d take a look at some simple DIY magnet board ideas. My

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