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DIY | Milk Jug Lid Beads

Over 26 years of running early learning programs, we collected millions of plastic jug lids. Whole milk lids, 1% milk lids, 2% milk lids, skim milk lids, chocolate milk lids, orange juice lids, and lemonade lids, not to mention plastic lids from lots of other containers.

DIY | Lacing Ideas

Here’s about 25 minutes of DIY lacing ideas I shared via Facebook Live on January 17, 2019. Some of of the ideas are based on

DIY | Ribbon Bolt Lacing

We’re always on the lookout for neat loose part ideas and fell in love with these plastic thingies. Not sure what they are officially called, but plastic thingies works. (If you know what they’re called, let me know and I’ll update the post!) You’ll find these plastic thingies in your local fabric shop wrapped in ribbon, upholstery trim, and the like.

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