Category: DIY Blocks

DIY | Container Blocks

Mindfully collecting items that would otherwise find their way into the trash or recycling bin is a great way to increase your early learning setting’s variety and quantity of blocks. There’s very little doing in this do it yourself project. Mostly you have to drink coffee and much pickles, yogurt, and oatmeal cookies. Here’s a look at some ideas.

DIY | Mud Blocks

Overview Many children will delight in both mud block making and mud block play. What’s not to like about combining mud play and block play?

DIY | Concrete Blocks

Overview These blocks are a novel addition to water play, sand play, mud play, and outside play in general. Kids will enjoy making them and

DIY | Pool Noodle Blocks

They’re colorful, easy and inexpensive to make, float, light weight, and quiet when they crash–what’s not to love about Pool Noodle Blocks? Supplies Pool Noodles

DIY | More Index Card Blocks

Here’s another super simple way to make blocks from index cards. Supplies Index Cards Make The Blocks You can’t get simpler than this: Fold an

DIY | Jumbo Milk Jug Blocks

My early learning buddy, Kristen Peterson, from Butterfly Hills Nature Preschool messaged photos of these awesome blocks they had built at the center. I could

DIY | Index Card Blocks

Here’s a simple and inexpensive DIY block project kids will enjoy creating and using. The upside is that you can make 100 of them in

DIY | Ice Cube Blocks

Playing with ice cube blocks is fun sensory activity full of learning potential. These blocks are equally fun on a hot summer day or in mid-winter. Here’s a look at some things to consider when making ice cube blocks.

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