DIY | Freezer Bag Books

Overview These do it yourself books are a fun way to support the development of early literacy skills. It's also a great way to increase the size of your early learning library. I first shared this idea in my book, Everyday Early Learning. Supplies To make these freezer bag books, you'll need: Freezer BagsPaper/CardstockMarkers/Pencils/Pens/EtcScissors/Paper CutterStaplerDuct … Continue reading DIY | Freezer Bag Books

DIY | Sweet Potato Plant

Overview Here's a simple and inexpensive DIY project that'll help interested kids learn about plants, hone observation skills, and practice being a caretaker. I picked up the sweet potatoes for this project at the grocery store for a dollar something a pound--everything else was readily available around Explorations Early Learning Intergalactic Headquarters. Supplies You'll need: … Continue reading DIY | Sweet Potato Plant