Category: DIY Painting

DIY | Oil And Water Droplet Painting

This DIY idea combines a bit of creativity, a bit of sensory play, and a bit of STEM play for an experience kids will enjoy. Plus, it utilizes materials readily available in most early learning settings and cleanup is a cinch.

DIY | Cornstarch And Vinegar Paint

Here’s a quick and simple do it yourself paint idea. We like it because there are only a couple of ingredients, it’s simple to make, and you end up with vibrant colors.

DIY | Finger Paint

Finger painting is a wonderful activity for sensory integration. Here’s a quick and simple DIY recipe for finger paint that’ll lead to fun and creative sensory and messy play. This recipe can also be diluted with water for paintbrush painting.

The Artful Parent | Splat Painting

Splat painting is easy peasy and super fun for active kids. This simple action art activity involves hitting paint-soaked cotton balls with a small mallet.

DIY | Frozen Paint Cubes

Busy little brains love novelty and interesting sensory experiences, so we wanted to share this quick and easy way to add both to your arts and crafts area. This project literally adds a cool sensory experience to painting. Kids should help with making the frozen paint cubes, don’t keep all the fun and learning to yourself.

DIY | Painting With Tea

Painting with tea is a fun alternative to the bright colors kids usually use for painting. Tea paint is subtle–it whispers instead of yelling. Creating

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