Category: DIY Experiments

DIY | Penny Cleaning Experiments

We’re going to take a look at some ways to clean pennies that kids can experiment with–not because there’s any great demand for clean pennies, but because it’s a chance to play around with experimentaiton and using the scientific method. Like so much in early learning, the focus here is on the process, not the finished product.

DIY | Growing Greens

Overview Growing fresh greenery from the tippy top of a root vegetable is a simple project that’ll introduce kids to the Scientific Process and help

Fun With Fungus

Overview A few weeks back we were wondering around the farmer’s market when a booth with alien-looking mushrooms grabbed me by the eyeballs. They were

Steve Spangler | Drops on a Penny

Hydrogen bonds and surface tension give water some amazing properties. Learn more with this experiment involving a penny and drops of water from Steve Spangler:

Steve Spangler | Leak-Proof Bag

Here’s a Steve Spangler video demonstrating an experiment that doesn’t seem possible. Can you really stab sticks through a bag of water without any leaks?

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