DIY | Growing Greens

Overview Growing fresh greenery from the tippy top of a root vegetable is a simple project that'll introduce kids to the Scientific Process and help them hone observation and care taking skills. Supplies You'll need: .ugb-7becfaa li{--icon-size:20px;margin-bottom:16px !important}.ugb-7becfaa li::before{height:20px !important;width:20px !important;background-image:url('')}.ugb-7becfaa li ul{margin-bottom:16px !important}.ugb-7becfaa.ugb-icon-list ul{columns:1}WaterContainerThe top of a root vegetable (beet, turnip, parsnip, carrot, onion, … Continue reading DIY | Growing Greens

Selecting Woodworking Tools For Kids Part 4: Clamps

Overview In part 4 of this series, we're digging in to clamps. (Check out previous posts on Safety Gear, Pounding Tools, and Measuring, Marking, And Leveling Tools.) Clamps are useful tools in woodworking projects and other playful learning activities. A clamp is a device used to hold something tightly. Think of clamps as extra hands. … Continue reading Selecting Woodworking Tools For Kids Part 4: Clamps

DIY | Freezer Bag Books

Overview These do it yourself books are a fun way to support the development of early literacy skills. It's also a great way to increase the size of your early learning library. I first shared this idea in my book, Everyday Early Learning. Supplies To make these freezer bag books, you'll need: Freezer BagsPaper/CardstockMarkers/Pencils/Pens/EtcScissors/Paper CutterStaplerDuct … Continue reading DIY | Freezer Bag Books

DIY | Sweet Potato Plant

Overview Here's a simple and inexpensive DIY project that'll help interested kids learn about plants, hone observation skills, and practice being a caretaker. I picked up the sweet potatoes for this project at the grocery store for a dollar something a pound--everything else was readily available around Explorations Early Learning Intergalactic Headquarters. Supplies You'll need: … Continue reading DIY | Sweet Potato Plant