Puppy Love

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A couple times a month I sleep in and my morning walk with the pups aligns with Getting-On-The-School-Bus Time. That happened today.

A few blocks from home, we approached a small flock of children–all holding pink or red bags full of Valentines. One member of this flock–she must be six or seven–is in love with my dogs, GeeGee and Zwa.

She started yelling to them as soon as she saw us approaching, “Guys! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! I’ve been thinking about you!”

The pup’s ears perk up at the sing-songy lilt of her voice.

Then her happy face melts into a frown.

“I’m so sorry! It’s Valentines Day and I forgot to make you cards. I’m so sorry! My heart is kinda broken. I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me?”

The dogs seemed to take the tragic news well. If they were heartbroken, their perked-up ears and swishing tails didn’t betray their inner turmoil.

“I think the forgive you,” I told her, “They can tell you like them by your happy voice and smile. Besides they can’t read.”

“You should teach them.”

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