Considering The Play Gap As Grandbaby Prepares For Kindergarten

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Ready For School

She’s five and I can’t help but still call her my Grandbaby. In a few short months Rowan heads off to school–a baby no more–and I’m a bit worried.

She’s had the benefit of a rich play life in her preschool years. Play with her Mommy and Daddy, play with her Papa and Tutu, play with other kids, solitary play, rough play, tumble play, quiet play, contemplative play,  happy play, sad play, leader play, follower play, quick play, slow play, princess play, ninja play, creating play, destructing play, and pretend-your-a-pregnant-unicorn-and-I’m-the-doctor play. Name a type of play and Rowan’s probably taken part in it.

So far, her early years have been  un-rushed and free of academic pressure. As a result, she’s more than ready for school. Physically, cognitively, and socially all that play has prepared her for whatever school throws at her. She’s ready, I’m not sure I am.

A Couple Book Suggestions

A Couple Questions

  • How can we bring more play into the live of all young children?
  • What would help policy Deciders become more willing to embrace play?
  • How can we better educate parents about the importance of play?
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