Category: Social And Emotional Development

Eye See You

Today’s top connection tip is all about eye contact. Even for just a brief moment, when your eyes connect with another person hundreds of messages

The Power of Touch

We all know that touch is incredibly important and we must teach children safe, appropriate and caring touches. Children need to know the difference between

Compassion, Connection & Curiosity – Unlocking the Magic of Childhood

I’ve been reading lots of comments from preschool teachers recently that, on reflection, make me wonder why some educators find it so difficult to display the kinds of traits we want to see in the children we work with. Traits such as compassion, understanding, empathy and a sense of curiosity. It also makes me wonder if they are even aware of their thinking patterns. It’s difficult to read comments online and not judge, especially without more background information. However, I think this is a great metaphor for early childhood education and how we need to deep dive to find the underlying background information to find out what children are discovering.

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