Heather Shumaker

Heather Shumaker writes books for children and adults. She began writing books in elementary school and is now an award-winning author of several books for adults. The Griffins of Castle Cary is her first book for children. Before she became an author, Heather tried many jobs, including: milk maid, sailor, llama trek guide and fire crew. She also lived at the South Pole and sorted garbage and recycling in Antarctica. Heather now lives in northern Michigan with her husband and two children.

RR_0164 Stuff

We talk kids and Stuff–there’s so much of it! Why do we accumulate it? Would kids be more content with sticks and mud?

Renegade Rules Podcast

Welcome to the Renegade Rules podcast. Author Heather Shumaker is joined by Jeff A Johnson for weekly discussions of early learning issues through a renegade

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