Bethany Corrie

Bethany is the owner of The Children’s Burrow. She and her husband are Middle Tennessee transplants who often wonder if they live in a daycare. She hosts a summer camp for chickens, has a libation for every occasion, and has a small yarn problem.

MBC_0065 Accidents?

A couple crew members we met in the previous episode are involved in near deadly accidents. Is Prime attempting murder to narrow down the field for Clare’s affection?

MBC_0064 Girl’s Night

Becky, Amanda, and Clare meet up for drinks after a couple long weeks of work. As the evening unfolds, Becky and Amanda try to set Clare up so they can go on a couples date.

MBC_0059 Mouse War (And Peace)

In this episode, Captain Amanda and her team solve the mouse problem…or at least transform it into a different kind of problems.

MBC_0055 Becky In Space

In this episode, Becky finds herself adrift and reflecting as she loses her connection to the ESV Mudpuppy. Thanks for listening! Like the show? Consider

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