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Lisa Murphy on Being Child Centered


Lisa Murphy


Lisa Murphy on Being Child Centered provides an in-depth exploration of the author’s approach to working with children. Lisa Murphy outlines nine characteristics programs need to build an environment that’s child-centered, where play, developmentally appropriate practice, and academic standards all come together under one roof.

Nine characteristics of a child-centered environment:

  1. Children are provided long periods of uninterrupted free time to explore their environment
  2. Children are provided lots of time outdoors
  3. Children are able to explore the environment with few restrictions
  4. Adults control the environment, not the children
  5. Adults serve as facilitators within the space
  6. Adults articulate the intention behind their words and actions
  7. Adults are familiar with current research and the key contributions of historical child development theorists
  8. Adults are aware of the importance of keeping it real
  9. Children are provided time and opportunity to create, move, sing, discuss, observe, read, and play every day

Using true-to-life examples, anecdotes, and Lisa Murphy’s signature conversational style, this book presents and explores the true identifying characteristics of a hands-on, play-based, child-centered environment.

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